Snakeprotex Extreme Snake Gaiters WO-SPX-M

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Snakeprotex Extreme Snake Gaiters

The SnakeProtex have been hugely popular amongst campers, hikers, council workers, surveyors, hunters, and home gardeners, and now they are even better!

Sporting a range of fully adjustable features such as adjustable boot straps allowing for a better fit amongst a larger range of different boots and shoes, and adjustable top leg straps allowing for a firmer, closer, and safer fit, SnakeProtex Extreme are now more versatile than ever.

A new press tab installed to clip over the zipper provides better security stopping the zip from moving whilst walking, working or out having fun; with its water repellent tendencies and now made from a higher denier external black fabric, the SnakeProtex Extreme now offers you even better protection from snake strikes while looking like every day workwear and lasting the distance.

Code Circumference at Knee Length To fit leg Circumference
SPX-S 430mm 385mm 410mm
SPX-M 490mm 400mm 470mm
SPX-L 550mm 400mm 530mm
SPX-XL 600mm 400mm 580mm

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