Pocket Shot Pellet Shooter PB-S-PSW

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Product Description

Pocket Shot Pellet Shooter

The Pocket Shot is a revolutionary evolution of the traditional slingshot. The circular design allows a quick load at two to three times the rate of a regular slingshot. Perfect for recreational use as its compact size allows you to keep it in your pocket, bag or tackle box while storing ammo in its water resistant compartment. At up to 350 feet per second, the Pocket Shot is NOT a toy.

The Pocket Shot comes in a kit with one standard pouch and one pro-pouch. The new high impact inner ring is indestructible and guaranteed not to chip, crack or break from any stray shots coming at it from the inside. The outer ring and cap is made from noryl resins, strong and durable for your outdoor and recreational needs. The Pocket Shot is designed to shoot paintballs, airsoft pellets, slingshot ammo and arrows only.

Made 100% in the USA.

There are now 2 different colour rings available, Black, and Orange.


1x Nylon Composite Ring (available in Black or Orange)

1x Standard Latex Pouch,

1x Pro Pouch

1x Safety Instructions.

Optional Accessories:


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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 15 x 7 x 7 cm