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Low Impact
737S WAKE 737S-R4-PGWR Polar-X Grey Water Resistant
SKU#: 737S-R4-PGWR
FrameRoyal Blue
Lens: Polar-X Grey Water Resistant
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Quality Assurance:

EYRES Optics has taken the next step in eyewear developing a line of floating frames designed specifically for active water sport individuals. The 737 WAKE features hydrophobic coating and polarised lenses to reducing moisture build up and eliminate glare, allowing the wearer to see clearer ensuring the safety of your eyesight whilst enjoying the spoils of play on the water! The Wake’s frame has a strap permanently attached to the arms to ensure a secure fit.

Care instructions

To ensure longevity of your eye protectors, please follow the below instructions:

• Rinse in fresh water after use

• Do not expose to long periods of sun light

• Chemicals, such as those found in sunscreen can damage your eye protectors if not rinsed in fresh water

• Store in a cool, dry pla

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