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Product Description


Safety Strap and Buckle:

This product was designed as a safety catch only. It features a secure buckle which is easy to unbuckle for emergency dismount. Use as follows:

  • Wrap the belt over a sports/roll bar
  • Feed one end through the loop provided
  • Pull tight
  • Unbuckle the small loop attachment and feed onto the Commando Ammo waist belt
  • Clip in to the strap and tighten to a comfortable position

For dismount and trekking, it is recommended to keep the small buckle loop clipped in the belt and the strap remains on the vehicle

Warning! Eagleye does not recommend the safety system to be used without the shoulder straps attached. This is not a product designed for the passenger to go hands free at any stage, it is meant to catch you in case you are caught off guard. Eagleye recommends for safe use only. No responsibility will be taken for any accidents occurred while using this product.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 16 x 7 x 10 cm