CL-MS464 30-30 6 shot 20″ walnut stock

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Mossberg .30-30 Win. Rifle 20″ Barrel, Blued Finish, Checkered Pistol Grip Walnut Stock, Rifle Sights, 6+1 Capacity

For someone who isn’t familiar with the 30-30 or a lever action rifle they might wonder why it is still around.

The best reason I can think of is that it works. If it is used as intended on deer and similar size game, they will continue to be harvested by this ancient round. The lever action rifle in the 30-30 will continues to harvest more deer then practically anything else available.

Many millions of lever action rifles have been produced since the 30-30 came out. Winchester, Marlin, and Savage have and still produce the lever models. Mossberg who has produced many quality guns at reasonable prices now offers their version of the 30-30 lever action rifle. At first glance, it resembles the Winchester model 94 of years past.

Unfortunately, Winchester decided to price their lever rifle beyond the price that a hunter would expect to pay for a utility rifle. I am not sure as to why they did that but the Mossberg will fill the gap very nicely.

Like the 94, it is light and handy to carry which makes it lighter then a Marlin in 30-30. Both are great guns and it would be a matter of personal choice as to which one you would select. My idea of a lever action 30-30 is a working person’s rifle, which has been true for generations. It should be affordable for the average working class person, which the Mossberg is. They had a 13 year old who is small for his size shoot it and he fell in love with it. He has no problem with the weight or recoil. He has made suggestions about something under the Christmas tree for him. For more info on Mossberg you can go to