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The Single pin adjustable sight, provides the hunter with the maximum amount of adjustability for all shooting ranges. The single .19 fiber optic pin pvoides a clear sight window. Combine this with the extra long fibre optic tube, which wraps around the sight ring, low light LED and you will find you have a sight that provides great accuracy in all light conditions.  The locking mechanism on the adjuster lever allows for distances to be precicely marked and locked in place.


For initial set up the, sight features clicking micro adjust for windage adjustment and first axis adjustment of the sight ring by the two allen key bolts, in order to align the sight ring to your first set distance (usually 20mtrs). Once your sight ring housing is set to your first distance, with the sliding adjustment lever set to the bottom most position, the remaining distances can be set by sliding the adjustment lever upwards then marking the range tape for each new distance.


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