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A great target arrow priced amazingly low for these very popular, long time favourites. A thick wall design provides superb strength and the micro profile delivers low wind drift, great for recurve archers wanting to experience thin carbons without the price.


In case you think this is all hype, we regularly hear comments from competitive archers who can spend more but just love the durability and results they are achieving with their Flash.

These arrows come tipped with a glue on point.

Arrows are fletched with Trueflight Feathers selected from the highest quality turkey feathers. Trueflight Feathers give you excellent deflection and are up to 700 times lighter than vanes. They give higher arrow velocities and eliminate bow window clearance problems. If you use carbon arrows, you must fletch your arrows with Trueflight Feathers.

No matter what you shoot, take advantage of value priced Carbon Flash from Beman – first in carbon arrows.

Beman Carbon Flash offers

  • High performance with a low price tag
  • Low wind drift
  • Small diameter, unidirectional pultruded carbon
  • Shaft diameter 1400, 1200 – 12-64″, 1000, 900 – 13-64″, 750, 630, 570 – 14-64″
  • Arrows are fletched with Trueflight Feathers.
  • Over Nock included
  • Glue on Point included
  • Great value – what more can you ask for
  • Well, it does come from Beman who introduced carbon arrows to the market and is now part of Easton – the world leader in carbon arrow technology.

Please note vane is shown for illustration purposes but an arrow with feathers is being offered for sale.

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