AL-2489 JSB .177 U/SHOCK HVY 350PCS

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The JSB Ultra Shock Heavy, for the maximum impact in hunting.

This JSB Ultra Shock Heavy pellet resembles a Wad Cutter bullet with its blunt hollow point nose. I have used these for hunting and vermin control as they hit like a brick but are best effective at less than 50 metres even with a PCP. They weigh 10.3 gr (or 0.670 grams in JSB language).


The JSB Ultra Shock Heavy pellet is not everyone’s idea of what a pellet should look like but results speak for themselves. They make excellent target pellets if your rifle likes them as they cut a neat hole on the target card, much like a wad cutter round is designed to do. Use them on rabbits or pigeons and you will have a winner as they dissipate energy very quickly due to their shape. Most spring air rifles can be tuned to run the JSB Ultra Shock Heavy quite well though they tend to shoot better in a PCP

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