30″ Blue Carbon Arrows 500 SPINE GW-30C

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Product Description

  • Lectory offers the highest level of modern technology to create extremely accurate, high-performance carbon arrows.
  • Each arrow is inspected  by hand to ensure the best quality and highest accuracy.
  • We know that each shot is critical whether you are on a big hunt or in close competition, so don’t settle for the second best.




  • Lectory Carbon arrows, produced with our latest technology and manufacturing processes, deliver uniform spine between all arrow shafts of the same size.
  • Vanes are glued by machine instead of human hands to ensure the accuracy of each arrow.
  • With Lectory, you know that your next arrow will fly like the last.




  • Our straightness measurements are actual and surpass.
  • With a far more stringent straightness requirement, ATA / ASTM industry standard.
  • Lectory measure straightness based on the full length of the shaft, minus two inches, which makes our arrow the most accurate in the industry.




  • Designed for both compound& recursive bows
  • Made out of 100% Carbon Fiber, great straightness, easy to remove from any target
  • Spine: 400
  • length: 30″ inch (81.3 cm)
  • Max draw weight: 10-75 LBS
  • Tip Weight: 100 Grain / 6.5G
  • Korea made vanes are designed  to increase stability & accuracy
  • Universal nocks suitable for all types of bow strings
  • Angle of the nocks can be adjusted as they are not glued on

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